We use the challenging Christian curricula of Abeka and Bob Jones University, as well as other specially selected materials. Our teachers have the ability and freedom to select various curricula to tailor their presentations more precisely to the student's learning styles and abilities. Strong classroom and outside reading schedules are required and monitored.

In addition to the essential subjects, we also include weekly PE, art and music. Spanish is added as an elective on a seasonal basis. These tools and methods stress the importance of both the contents/concepts and processes to maximize total understanding. We balance explaining with exploring.

Throughout each lesson, we strive for the development of each child's maximum potential - spiritually, intellectually, socially, physically, and emotionally - in an environment that is safe and nurturing, yet challenging.

The teaching staff is encouraged to employ a wide range of other materials to complement the curriculum, expose students to a variety of multi-sensory instructional methods, and build as much diversity as possible into the media mix to create a lively learning environment.